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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I have an after hours emergency?

For severe situations, go immediately to the nearest Emergency Room. Our providers are on call after hours, weekends and holidays. Calling the on-call provider should be limited to emergencies or serious illness. Many times our patients call the on-call provider due to a cold or other minor issue asking that medication be called in. Trying to care for someone over the phone doesn't provide appropriate healthcare. If your situation is more serious please call the office at 502-863-0721 to reach the doctor on call. Please note, that medications will not be refilled by the on-call provider. The on-call provider will not be able to change or cancel appointment.

What if I need to cancel or change my appointment?

Please contact the office during business hours of Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at 502-863-0721 or through your Patient Portal through our website. To appropriately provide needed medical care, it is important to keep any scheduled appointments with your provider. When it is necessary to cancel or change your appointment, an advance notice of 24 hours is appreciated to allow that reserved time for other patients who may need to be seen.


Based on your insurance requirements, a referral or precertification may be necessary for specialty and/or diagnostic services. At this time, Humana HMO, Aetna HMO and Medicaid products are requiring specialty referrals. Many other type of plans no longer require a referral from your Primary Care Provider. If the specialty referral and/or diagnostic procedure was ordered from our office, required referrals and/or pre-certifications are already in process. Most offices will contact you personally with your appointment once they have proper referrals and any necessary precertification from your insurance. If you have contacted the specialist for an appointment and that specialist is requiring your provider to make that referral, please contact the office at 502-863-0721 or send a message through your patient portal on our website. You may be required to see your provider before he can make that referral.

Medical Forms Completion

Georgetown Internal Medicine receives many requests to complete patient forms such as disability, FMLA, insurance, handicapped parking. Completion of these forms require medical expertise and a review of your medical record. There is a $50 charge to complete most forms. Additional costs may be incurred depending on the form. As a courtesy, when the patient's condition warrants a handicapped parking certificate, we will continue to complete the Handicapped Parking form at no charge. It is the patient's responsibility to complete their portion of any form before presenting it to the office for completion. Please allow 7-10 days for processing.

What if I need a medical refill?

Please contact your pharmacy for all refills that are not a controlled substance. Through electronic connectivity, the pharmacy will provide our practice with needed information to assure you receive correct medication and dosages. Your provider will provide the appropriate refills through this same electronic connectivity. All refill requests are addressed same day or within 24 hours. Please contact your pharmacy directly to check on the status. Controlled substances require a written script. Please contact the office if your refill requires a written script. For 90-day mail order for medical supplies such as diabetes test strips, please call the office at 502-863-0721. You may also request these supplies on our website by signing into your patient portal. We will provide you with a written script to submit to your supplier and contact you when it is ready to pick up.

How do I recieve my medical records?

Georgetown Internal Medicine values its relationship between the patient and their provider. Your patient information is confidential and any information exchange will be held in the strictest of confidence. Confidential medical information will be released only with the expressed consent and authorization of the patient. Please allow 30 days for all medical records request to be processed. Click here to download our Medical Records Release Form. Patients are provided with one free set of their medical records. At times attorneys will request your free set and provide us with your signed authorization to do so. We will do our best to contact you to verify that you understand this release before providing your medical records to your attorney. If we are unable to contact you within a

reasonable time, we will release those records to your attorney. Additional copies are charged at $1 per page plus handling charges. Please contact the office by phone or the patient portal if you have any questions about release of medical records.

Patient Portal Messages

Our patients are provided with a secure online option to communicate with the office. It is our goal, to respond to all communications sent to the office via the patient's portal account periodically through the same day. For urgent/immediate appointment requests, please contact the office at 502-863-0721.

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